Fermented juice from grapes has created its one-of-a-kind culture and became one of the world’s most in demand drinks to this day and age. Wine production is considered as a form of art and science at the same time for many centuries. The wine that you drink today is like a symbol of your personality, social status, and lifestyle as a whole. One has to wonder what kind of wine coolers they had in that era.

Wine is No Longer for the Elite and the Affluent Alone 

Wine has long been a part of human life ever since the time of the early ancestors. During the time of the Romans, wine played crucial social, medicinal, and religious roles that set this apart from other types of drinks. The Greek civilizations recognized wine’s significant importance and used the drink as a symbol of prestige and wealth during banquets.

When France was invaded by the Romans, they also brought their expert knowledge and skill of wine production to the country. Not long after, the whole nation took a grip of process. Wine started to impact the lives of the elite and the aristocrats and formed a kind of passion that eventually spread all over the world.

It is believed that wine making is also a science with a profound connection with humankind’s agriculture, geography, and history. Subtle and complex wine making methods were passed down from one generation to another. These include the best microbes to produce delicious wine, ideal materials for the fermentation tasks, and most favorable times of fermentation.

It doesn’t longer come as a surprise that today, wine tasting and making are considered as advanced sciences that are being taught at the leading educational institutions in the world. Sommeliers, particularly those who have vast experience, are professionals who are highly esteemed in the beverage and food industry.

In some countries in Asia such as Thailand and China, high level executives are also encouraged to be familiar with etiquette in wine drinking to help them when socializing with professionals from other cultures that love wine. It is done to form the status of wine as a form of sophisticated drink that can cross barriers in language and culture.

Learn to Appreciate Wine for a Refined Lifestyle

While there is no doubt that wine drinking remains to be prominent in Western cultures, this is also becoming more popular all over the world because of the spread of contemporary viniculture from Europe to Australia, South Africa, Asia, and of course, the Americas. Wine consumption constantly increases together with wine production and it is obvious that the international appetite for fine wine won’t decline any time soon.


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