Wineries in Kelowna Offer Wine Tasting

A sip of wine is wonderful, but when paired with the right food, a sip of wine is extraordinary. Food can completely alter the wine tasting experience, often transforming the flavors into a power experience. Kelowna Wineries offer tastings to educate and inspire guests to explore their palates.

The concept existed since the naissance of wine making. Why is this important to the wine industry now?

Is it because we are starting to see more and more wineries building restaurants to compliment and showcase their delicious wines? This is absolutely a growing trend across wineries worldwide. By providing an avenue for guests to experience the evolution of flavors with the perfect food pairing, this mélange is attractive.

Is it because tasting small bites of food can clear a pallet so that the taster can experience something comp

What makes modern wine and food pairing remarkably unique are the events that are pointed at illuminating the flavors of wine. Kelowna wineries are the perfect example. As we know, wineries in this region have exceptionally diverse portfolios resulting in complexities and challenges with wine and food pairing. Without this structure, the pairings become too diverse and too challenging to organize. For a guest, a wine and food pairing should be focused and organized – this is where wine and food events come in.

Let’s look at The View Winery. This winery has over 10 types of wine ranging from white, red, and rose. They host events like Cuvée and Cupcakes, where they expertly pair some of their award-winning wines to cupcakes that will bring out the rich flavors of the wine. Or Pizza and Pino, with a pairing of the winery’s Pinot Grigio and Pinotage wines and delicious Italian pizza.

With an ever-growing wine industry in Kelowna, don’t hesitate to try out one of these fun and enlightening wine and food pairing events found in this region.

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